Friday, May 7, 2010

My Opinion

First and foremost I have to admit that I did not see the news about the man who tried to bomb Times Square last weekend. I have a tendency not to listen to the news - I could use my kids and Spongebob as an excuse, I say I'm too busy doing ________, but the truth is I forget to pay attention sometimes. Having said that, I was thankful my Mom told me about the attempt on Times Square. There are lots of news reports and speculations floating around so I'm going to throw my two cents' in and be done with it. Why did he do it? Who knows, he was brainwashed, he made a bad choice, he's disenfranchised with "The System," he ate a bad tuna salad - for whatever reason, he made the choice to follow through with it. My prayer is that he gets what he deserves. Having said that, here's my true opinion: I love living in America and being an American. People noticed something wasn't quite right and dealt with it. People got involved, made good choices, and ended up saving countless lives. We in America don't put up with those who want to hurt those we love, whether it's bullies on the school playground or bullies trying to blow us up. Some have tried and succeeded in giving us a black eye or a broken arm, but we keep healing and growing stronger because WE ARE AMERICANS. We stand strong together. God bless America.

PS - To those who don't like America, go somewhere else.

Monday, May 3, 2010

May has arrived!

I have always loved May - and not just because of my birthday - May baskets, birds, beautiful flowers, baseball,  the end of the school year - and of course, allergies. OK, so I don't love that part. But allergies are another reminder that spring is definitely here, and I can handle that.

I've been knitting a lot lately (can't do much else, allergies have knocked me on my butt), and it's actually a great way to be productive when you don't have the energy to do anything. It gets you to focus on something other than your infirmity/illness, you can actually make something useful (clothing, wash cloths, hats, blankets, etc), and depending on what you are knitting, you can actually expand your brain and learn something new. To quote Martha, it's a good thing.

Today I am blessed to spend the day with one of my favorite little people, Mason. It's definitely a good day.