Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Knitting

Below is a list of gifts I've made, am making, or will make in the future.

1. E's "Fred" - done.
2. J's "Ninja" - in progress.
3. R's "Jacque Cousteau Cowl" - future.
4. J's present - future.
5. J's "Warm Socks" - future.
6. H's present - future.
7. M's Cowl - future.
8 - 24. Mini-stockings for a variety of special people - future.
25. 2 Teacher presents - future.
26. Do I really need more?

I'll get back to working on these just as soon as I finish designing and making my Wrist Sock iPod Cozy, because I need to have inspiration while I work. Right?

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