Thursday, October 14, 2010


"Do you work?"  Yes. I am a SAHM.
"Oh that's important."  Yes, it is. 
"It must be nice to be able to afford to do that."  Yes, I am blessed that my husband's job provides enough for me to be able to be in my chosen life work. Did you know that there are many women whose husbands make much less than mine does and stay at home also?
"I'll bet your house is always clean."  Actually I'm a horrible housekeeper. I'm ok with that.
"I'll bet you get so much done during the school day while the kids are away."  Actually I seem to find myself more away from home than at home.
"I could never do that, the kids would drive me crazy."  Even if it were what you were meant to do, they would still drive you crazy. That's their job. Mine is being at home with them.

I hear the above or variations on it a great deal, and I honestly don't get it. All parents are important. When you have children it's not a 9-5 or 7-3 or even 6-10 kind of job, it's 24/7/365 for life. It doesn't matter if you work outside or inside or beside the home, parenting is parenting. Having said that, I did always want to be a SAHM. I'm not Becky Home-Ecky or June Cleaver or Wonder Woman. I'm just me. This is my job. I enjoy it, I get annoyed by it, I have deadlines and assignments and get bonuses and have to juggle a schedule and do bookkeeping. I am a counselor, a nurse, a firefighter, a mechanic, a teacher, a janitor, a referee, a cook, a plumber, a taxi driver, a police officer, a judge, a jailer, a parole officer, a pastor, a handywoman. Can I do everything? No, of course not. No one can. I respect women who have families and work outside the home. I couldn't imagine doing your job either. But I respect that it's what you do. Please respect what I do.

PS - Becky Home-Ecky, June Cleaver, and Wonder Woman all have one thing in common: they all came from someone's imagination.

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