Friday, September 24, 2010

Summer Sock Saga

Anyone who has ever tried to knit something and had it turn out less than minimally acceptable knows how I feel about knitting socks - I worked on a sock almost all summer, toted it to piano lessons, lugged it to wait in lines, and took it on trips ... my first toe-up sock, knit specifically to fit my left foot, in bright sherbety summery colors, soft and comfortable, in a blend that would be comfortable to wear in the summer and fall and spring (and winter if I really put my mind to it, and darn it if I'm knitting something I'll wear it when I want to regardless of season appropriate-ness). It was a thing-of-beauty-in-progress, and I was proud of it. I got to turning the heel and was so pleased with how it had gone from a tube to something that could actually fit on my foot, until I tried to put it on my foot and discovered I had started one needle off, which put the heel somewhere around the inside of my ankle.  DH couldn't understand how I could cry over a sock and was wondering aloud if I had taken my medication. How could he understand? He's never knit anything. On the other hand, he has had projects that haven't turned out the way he has wanted, after putting in lots of thought and effort to bringing them to fruition. That he understood... although he still thinks I'm nuts for wanting to try again. 

That's ok. Gotta keep that mystery alive somehow, and after 17 years of marriage I'll take it any way I can get it.


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