Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life, paused

Sinus infections are my enemy, my nemesis. Go outside in the wind, get a sinus infection. Get a cold, it turns into a sinus infection. Open the windows because it's an absolutely beautiful day, get a sinus infection. You get the idea. I have found it impossible to do anything that requires logic and intelligence until the meds take effect because my brain isn't getting the oxygen it needs to exist, let alone work, so all activity is delegated to a complete minimum. Which is funny because today, at 4 pm, I will be at the middle school with over 100 girls doing iCarly activities for our local Girl Scout Fall Festival. Think about it: over 100 girls, ages 5 to high school, in a gym, for two hours, making Ocean in a Bottle and lip gloss and Spaghetti Tacos and who knows what else, and me. Thankfully I'm not the only adult there, otherwise things really wouldn't be pretty. Having said that, prayers are appreciated. :)

btw, I apologize for if what I've written doesn't make sense. No oxygen.

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